Soul Eater – Episode 50

So the end of Soul Eater is just around the corner…Yay for us who will have nothing to do except to cry when its over.  D:

But to start with the summary (Warning: its not the best and its got some fangirl moments in between) :

First we see Maka in what is apparently Soul’s soul…or something like that.  (Yes, I fail at japanese.  Shoot me. xD;;)  There she sees a Black & White Soul ( and gray too).  They talk about some stuff…which I don’t understand btw.  I did however understand that there was no way to get out of the room, which is when Maka brings out a window, a shovel, etc.  The anti-Soul (that’s what a friend of mine calls him at least xD) tells Maka about a box, in which Soul is inside of.  As Maka looks through the keyhole of the box, an eye stares back at her, which in consequence, made her drop the box.  (Who wouldn’t?)

Meanwhile, Kid and Black Star are fighting the Kishin…and failing quite miserably.  Everything they do to him seems to be in vain seeing as he seems unaffected.  With one single blow, the Kishin manages to blow them off their feet, literally. o.o  That guy’s strong.  Kid manages to get back on his feet, prepared to fight again as he thinks of his father.  He does a Soul Resonance with Liz and Patty as Black Star and Tsubaki stand just a few meters away.  During the Resonance, the Kishin hurts Kid by stabbing him with a finger.  (WTF?)  Kid drops unconscious to the ground as Black Star screams.

After that, Kid manages to get up again, this time subconsciously as all three of his Sanzu Lines connect, making Liz and Patty upgrade.  The new weapon was pretty amazing, had to close my mouth for a bit. xD  The Kishin seems to be ready to attack again, but Black Star interferes and starts to fight again, giving more time for Kid’s power to complete itself.  After Black Star manages to fool the Kishin, Kid blasts him and the Kishin fades into a cloud of smoke.  Kid passes out again but the Kishin has not entirely disappeared.    Its enormous size has now gone back to scrawny but still evil looking.  (Does that even make sense?)

Back with Soul and Maka, Soul is trying to get Maka to open the box with the key that is attached to it.  Maka refuses and realizes that the person whom she is talking with is not Soul himself.  They argue for a while before the imp shows himself, having been faking as Soul.  After, Maka decides to open the box, confident that she is able to rescue Soul.  As she is thrown into the box, the imp follows her.

Now this is where all the nakedness starts:

Maka is being transported through a tunnel in which we see all of Soul’s memories, with the imp following close behind (in what appears to be the shape of black blood).  From inside the box, statue Soul sees a glowing, naked Maka floating towards him before she reaches him and hugs him, the black blood then wrapping itself around the both of them.  However, a bright light shines and rips the black blood (which looks more like a cloth if you ask me), setting both Soul and Maka free.  Soul, Maka and the imp are transported back to the dark room where Soul’s piano is.  Soul is being supported by Maka as he tells her that she’s an idiot but that she’s a cool partner.  Maka just laughs as she still supports him.  Soul then lets go of Maka and walks towards the imp, who is still shocked that Soul and Maka had managed to get free of his trap.  Soul then eats the imp and Maka just…makes a disgusted face…..o.o

After Soul and Maka come back to their bodies again, they get up and see that Kid and Black Star are on the floor, defeated.  The Kishin is there and he says some things to Soul and Maka.  Its time to fight….

In the preview we see that Maka is being grasped by the neck by the Kishin.  Soul is on the floor unconscious…again.  Maka does a Soul Resonance and we get a super, awesome, coolio Demon Hunter.


Fangirling in 3…2….1….

Ahhhhhhh!  The Soul x Maka…amazing!  The hug…fantastic!  The shake of hands…epic!  jfkdsjsdj

And what about the new Demon Hunter that we see in the preview, it looks awesome!  Ep 51 is bound to be HARDCORE.


One Response to Soul Eater – Episode 50

  1. xaquachanx says:

    Haha, nice work, Crii ^^

    Luckeh, you gotsee the episode already.

    And oh yes that hug was FANTASICAL!!!!

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