Soul Eater 51- Finale

April 1, 2009

The end of Soul Eater…disappointing?

Up, up and awaaaaaaaaaaaaay.

Up, up and awaaaaaaaaaaaaay.

I’m speechless…

In the name of Shibusen, I shall punch you!

In the name of Shibusen, I shall punch you!

Someone kill me…

Lovely!!! (Sailor Moon Deja vu anyone?)

The Kishin's plastic surgery gone wrong.

No comment.

Oh where did my beloved Soul x Maka ending go?

Oh where did my beloved Soul x Maka ending go?


The man who still didnt surpass god...

The man who still didn't surpass god...

Poor Black Star…>.>

Wheres the symmetry?

Where's the symmetry?

I myself am kind of let down….I mean, the Kishin was defeated with a punch full of courage. (WTF?) Maka suddenly became a weapon…(WTF?…again). According to the Kishin, its not that she was a weapon but actually that she was being used as a weapon by someone with weapon blood (Huh?). Maka went unconscious in order to not feel fear. :/ The Demon Hunter was of no use in defeating the Kishin because apparently, the Kishin is not a demon. o.O Since insanity leaks out of his body..and insanity lives in everyone one of us o.O (WTF?…AGAIN) So yeah, the Kishin was defeated by a punch…which is ordinary according to Maka. And yeah…

We got no Soul x Maka ending…

We got a punch though….

Punches > Soul x Maka


Final thoughts-

Original Anime ending? Not so good. Why? It was BS, no seriously it was. I expected so much more from it. I mean, Soul Eater is such a great manga, it definitely deserved more justice in being animated.

I felt that the whole thing was kind of rushed…and not thoroughly explained. A second season should be good…or even an OVA to finish it.

Now then, I’ll just stick to the manga. Please, oh please! Let the manga be our salvation! And please! At least let it gives us a cute Soul x Maka ending! I BEG OF YOU!

From now on, I’ll be blogging the manga since the anime is over. ;3; Hopefully, the manga will manage to make me happy by giving me some SoMa love. My hopes and dreams for a Soul x Maka scene were crushed…slaughthered…murdered…. (darn you original anime ending. jfadskjfdskjfadskfjaewfewinhf ;3;)

-floats away sadly-